Big mountains meets big ambitions.

Welcome to The Coalition.

More advanced, more determined.


It's how we survived, and it's how we will thrive!

Created out of need, The Coalition of Gamers started as 3 people being consistently harassed by another member of our old SMP.  Over time, we found a policy of using our numbers to our advantage. We believed that  just one of us is inferior to all of us, and so, over the weeks and months of our existence, we gathered talent and people to create what we are today.  We are The Coalition of Gamers, here to unite friends, unite groups, and most importantly, unite people. 

The SMP Without A Cool Acronym

Frustrated with your current SMP? Yeah we did too. We didn't like how we had no say, how we found missing plugins and features, how we never felt like we had a true experience after a time. That changed on December 3rd, 2021, when we created The SMP Without A Cool Acronym to solve that.    We wanted to forge an experience worthy of your membership, and we wanted to do it in style. We spent weeks coming up with clever and innovative solutions, and we can't wait for you to see them! 

Never be misheard.

Vote for features

Be a part of a cool community

New (and cool) 1.18 world generation

Reliable hosting on apexmc

The Coalition Information and Logistics System

Crafted with care by our partner, Spectacle Development

Group Inventory Management

Easily know how much stuff we have, and how much we need

Security First

Designed not to be stupidly easy to get into

User Management

Manage comments and permissions, with just a click

Planning Made Easy

Don't bother guessing, know exactly where you go next

Enough For All, and Then Some

Always know how many items the coalition has


Easily add a role with a click!